PBJ xx-011

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hot soak

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warm soak

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  • Jon says:

    What size are your PBJ’s? I’m looking to buy some size 30 raws when they restock. How do you like your fit?

    • Keith says:

      Size 27. The waist is a little loose, but I never notice because I always wear my belt with it. Although it will shrink a bit after the initial soak, it’ll stretch back out to the original measurements, so I would just pay attention to the Raw measurements.

      The fit is fine, but as with all the pants I own, I got them tapered. The thighs are a bit snug, but for some reason all my pants fit tight at the thighs and really loose at the calves. I think I just have odd proportions.

      I would just measure a pair of jeans that you own and like the fit of and compare it with the measurements posted on blueingreensoho.com


  • Nick says:

    One wash or Raw?

  • Hustle says:

    Did you get these hemmed? and how tall are you?

    • Keith says:

      Yeah these are hemmed to 32″. I’m 5″ 8, but I always double/triple cuff my pants depending on the shoes I’m wearing.

  • seamuise says:

    may i ask how much did you size down from original waist? and how much you recommend sizing down on these?

  • Jon says:

    So beautiful I’m so eggcitedddddd.

  • Drew says:

    I’m buying these pair because of your result! they’re so beautiful. How do you pre-soak your denim? did you do a hot bath tub soak? and for how long? Thanks :D

    • Keith says:

      I’m glad to hear that! Yes, I pre-soaked the denim by doing a hot bath tub soak for an hour. I hope that helps!

  • Erik says:

    Awesome pair, man. Did you wear the denim and sit in the bath tub for your pre-soak, or did you just lay the denim out? Sick photoblog by the way.

    • Keith says:

      Thanks Erik! No, I just placed the denim in the tub and then placed heavy objects on it to keep it down. Although now I find it easier to just soak using a basin and folding the jeans to fit it in.

  • Jeff says:

    Did you wear the same belt all throughout the life of these jeans? If so, what belt is it and did you treat it with anything, or did it just change color naturally?

    • Keith says:

      Yes I purchased the belt around the same time as the jeans and wore them together all the time. The belt is the Tanner Goods Standard Belt in Natural/Stainless. You can purchase the belt here:


      The darkening of the belt is a natural occurrence, mainly found in heavy wear areas such as where my hands touch the belt or whenever I wore them in the rain. I also oiled the belt with Obenauf’s LP which helped with the color change and also serves to protect the leather.

  • Zhemin says:

    Hey is it the same belt >.> wow it change colour so much, what belt is it may i ask?
    Also im true size 31inch what should i get for xx-011.


    • Keith says:

      hello, it is the same belt – the tanner goods standard belt.

      i would check on blueingreen.com and match the measurements with a pair of pants that fit you well. also, you can refer to some of the above comments for further sizing advice. hope that helps!

  • Ken says:

    do you reckon a size 28 once washed would still fit a 30 waist? or should I just get the raw instead?

    • Keith says:

      Both the raw and once-washed will end up fitting the same as they stretch out with wear. It’ll just be pretty uncomfortable for the first few wears. I would personally get the raws and do the initial soak myself.

  • josh says:

    Hi, quick question.

    When you first bought them were they too tight at the waist? Before you gave them a hot soak.

    And also, how long did it take to stretch out? I bought a sz. 29 but my true waist is a 31 and they’re too tight on me. I can button them all but its really tight still.

    • Keith says:

      When I first bought them I could barely button them up. It was pretty painful for around 2 weeks? I think as long as you can button it and everywhere else fits okay you’ll be fine. I believe by the time the waist had fully stretched out it was 1-2 sizes bigger than it was initially.

  • Dctobkk says:

    I’m thinking of buying a pair of these considering how good yours have turned out. Was wondering if you experienced a lot of leg twist post soak? I know some people like the twist, personally I prefer them to stay straight.


    • Keith says:

      They did twist a little but nothing more than I usually get with most of my pants. I pinrolled them anyway so I never really noticed.

  • Albert says:

    Hey Keith, I’m pretty new to denim culture and I have a few questions if you don’t mind helping me. I just bought a pair of PBJ’s XX-013 and the waist is perfect but when I sit the back of my pants always falls and it shows my boxers. Also the waist size is perfect, thigh is pretty snug but calves are a bit loose. I was told by a friend I should just hot soak from the knee down? Would you recommend that? I’m 5’9 and 175 pounds.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Walker says:

    Hey. Amazing jeans. What is the leg opening measurement? I know you mentioned tapering them. Thanks!

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